Comfort for Covid patients. Now.

Prone2Help gives healthcare workers a practical innovation to help more COVID-19 patients breathe. But, we need your help.

For many COVID-19 patients who don’t require a ventilator, there’s a simpler, less invasive path to recovery. Prone2Help provides support for awake proning by sending free proning cushions to the healthcare workers across North America.

We are a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization.

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Why Proning?

Proning, or resting a patient on their stomach, opens up the lungs to facilitate breathing. Proning support cushions can significantly increase comfort – and they are especially important in caring for larger-bodied patients, who may otherwise experience back pain and difficulty breathing while proning.

Why Cushion?

  • Supports patient comfort
  • Allows larger-bodied patients to comfortably prone
  • Allows use of oxygenation devices
  • Standard width fits stretchers and hospital beds
  • Easily cleaned using disinfecting wipes

In their own words

Healthcare workers tell us how proning cushions make a difference.

“We got the proning mattresses and deployed them to several of the units and ED. The staff are so grateful and love them! Thanks for helping us help our patients!”

Nicholas D. Caputo, M.D., M.Sc., FACEP, FAAEM, MAJ (MC, USAR)

Associate Chief, Department of Emergency Medicine
Lincoln Medical Center, Bronx, NY

“Using so far with ill, limited mobility patients with great effect. Working towards incorporating for intubated patients ... Thank you so so sincerely!”

Suzanne Bentley, MD MPH FACEP

Associate Professor
Emergency Medicine Department
Elmhurst Hospital Center
Icahn School of Medicine at Mt Sinai

“I ended up having the patient continue to use the pillow when she got admitted to the inpatient floor because it was working so well. Every time the patient went supine off the pillow her 02 sat dropped. Proning on the pillow worked brilliant. The nurse taking care of the patient said, ‘It’s like magic’.”

Bon Ku, MD

Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine
Jefferson University Hospital Philadelphia, PA  19148

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